Hot Chicken glaze

For more than 50 years, authentic Nashville Hot Chicken remained one of our city’s “best kept” secrets. To experience it, you had to come here… ” to Nashville” and brave roads less travelled to where the magic was made. You’d know you were at the right place when you saw well over a hundred people crowded outside of a tiny “Chicken Joint” design to seat about 12. Get in line and wait 2 hours. Yeah… its that good!
Now, you can quickly and easily prepare Authentic Nashville Style Hot Chicken in your own home. Just melt the glaze, baste your chicken, and serve. Its great on fish, pork and veggies too. Enjoy!

Melt-to-use glaze

"Melt To Use" Glaze produces an Authentic Nashville Hot Chicken identical to the gourmet chefs.

Quick & Easy to Use

Hot Chicken Glaze is quick and easy to use. Just melt and baste your chicken just before serving.

All Vegetable Ingredients

Hot Chicken Glaze is made with all vegetable ingredients to be health conscious.

How to Make Hot Chicken

This video show you how to prepare Authentic Nashville Style HOT Chicken (quick and easy) in your own home.  Make “Spicy”, “Hot” or “Extra Hot” versions from a single package.

Fish, Pork, Veggies & More

Our Hot Chicken Glaze has been pairing up with some of the most unexpected entrees and sides with raving results.  Flip through or “Interactive Recipe Book” to discover some of these unexpected but delicious recipes.

All Vegetable Ingredients

Nashville Style Hot Chicken Glaze is made from ALL VEGETABLE ingredients…  (NO ANIMAL FAT!).  And, we use only 100% Natural spices to give our Hot Chicken Glaze authentic Nashville flavor.

Go From not to "Hot in minutes.

Melt the Glaze

Melt the glaze in a pan large enough to saute' a large piece of chicken.

Baste Chicken

Tilt the pan to make the glaze puddle to one side and baste with a large spoon

Garnish & Enjoy!

Place HOT CHICKEN on top of two pieces of sliced bread and garnish with pickles.


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Hot Chicken Glaze - twin Pack

Hot Chicken Glaze (Twin-Pack)

Authentic “Melt To Use” Seasoned Glaze – Inspired by Professional Hot Chicken Chefs For Use On Fish, Pork and Veggies too – Two-Pack, 4oz plastic cups.


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