How To Make Hot Chicken

Make Nashville Hot Chicken at home

How to make hot chicken at home.

Hello to Hot Chicken lovers everywhere! This video will show you how to prepare authentic Nashville Style Hot Chicken using our delicious Hot Chicken Gaze. So let’s get started.  The first question we’re often asked about our glaze, how to use it?  Our response… use it last. Similar to the way icing it’s added last to a cake, our Hot chicken glaze should be melted… then used to coat your chicken just before serving.

Items needed:

Here are a few items you’ll need to ensure success: 

  • A pan appropriate for melting the glaze and large enough to sauté one or two average sized pieces of chicken.
  • A large spoon suitable for basting and stirring.
  • A Cooling rack or a serving plate
  • Our delicious Nashville style hot chicken glaze
  • And of course your homemade or store-bought chicken. 

Here were using the generic precooked chicken sold at our local big-box grocery store chain.  A solid choice since most of the grocery store “Pre-Cooked” chicken is intentionally prepared to be “middle-of-the-road” bland. 

Open Package:

To open the glaze pull at the wrapper seem located on the bottom of the container. Written instructions are located on the reverse side of the wrapper.  Open the glaze by pull up on one of the two tamper-proof tabs located at two corners of the containers Reseal and refrigerate any unused glaze.

Melt The Glaze:

Melt the glaze in the sauté pan using the lowest heat setting. Stir the glaze to help facilitate melting. Do not allow the glaze to become hot. You only want to make it warm to medium… BUT NOT HOT! (Hot Chicken spices can burn easily).  Once the glaze has been fully melted turn off the heat and immediately begin glazing your chicken.  

Baste Chicken (Tilt Method):

Tilt the pan (about 20 degrees) to make the glaze puddle to one side.  Place one or two pieces of chicken on the high side opposite to the glaze. Use the spoon to baste your chicken. Stir the glaze often.  Turn the chicken and repeat to cover all sides… then place the chicken on drying rack.   A single package of your Hot Chicken Glaze can make Spicy, Hot and Extra Hot versions of Hot Chicken. 

Spicy, Hot  or  Extra Hot:

To produce a mild (spicy) Hot Chicken, one or two coatings of glaze oil is all that’s needed.  For a Hotter Chicken…  allow chicken to dry a minute then repeat the process.  For an Extra Hot Chicken… concentrate the seasonings by allowing glaze oil to spill  over one side of the spoon (as shown).  Slowly pour the concentrated glaze over the chicken.  The darker the chicken becomes, the hotter.

Serve Nashville Style

Place completed chicken on top of two pieces of white bread and garnish with Pickles. This is a classic Nashville style setting and is usually served with Fries…  But my personal favorite is Onion Rings made HOT using our delicious Hot Chicken Glaze.  But that’s another video…!  Its great on fish, pork and veggies too.  Enjoy!

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